At Battle Born Restoration, we have a high understanding and appreciation for stone & tile. Our restoration services will help preserve your stone and keep your investment looking beautiful with proper care and maintenance. Our company uses premium products specifically designed for stone as well as industry grade equipment to provide the best service possible. No dust is created during our restoration processes, and we take extra care to protect your surrounding surfaces and furniture. We can help you determine what services may be needed to accommodate you best for your residential or commercial project.

Our cleaning methods and our high quality products will help break down hard to remove stains, dirt, debris, and residue that may have become embedded in your natural stone and or grout over time. This is something common forms of cleaning alone cannot do.

Sealing is a process in which a protective coating is applied to your stone, tile, or grout. This helps inhibit stains, dirt, and debris from penetrating and absorbing into the stone and may prevent deterioration, yet it does not protect your stone from etching. When stone or tile is properly and consistently sealed it will help make cleaning less difficult and preserve the stone.

Diamond Cutting is used to smooth out imperfections such as uneven surfaces or lippage in natural stone to achieve a uniform finish. This is done with the use of specially designed diamond pads and precise cutting techniques. Diamond cutting can also be used to remove wear from foot traffic, deep etches, scratches, and even stains that have absorbed into the stone.

Polishing is a procedure used to give natural stone a wet or lustrous high shine appearance. We do not use wax or crystallizer polishing methods which are very common in the cleaning and restoration industry due to simplicity and ability to do large areas quickly. These types of systems often coat the stone with products that can wear down easily, get discolored, and even trap dirt into the stone and especially grout. The system and high end products we use for polishing natural stone entails an intricate process that requires knowledge, expertise, and experience. We strive to achieve high quality restoration with our unique polishing methods.

Honing is a practice used to give natural stone a smooth even look with little to no shine. The honing process is achieved with the use of abrasive powders and pads for a variety of matte finishes. Honing is also used to remove minor scratches and wear in the stone.

Overtime, natural stone can be exposed to a number of different issues that can result in scratches, small chips, cracks, etches, and dull areas.  Although we do not replace tiles, we can cosmetically repair these minor problems with epoxy and resins that we custom blend to match the unique colors, veins, patterns, and grains of your stone.